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Unlike many other customers Im overweight and I’m not happywith my body. However Annibody’s bodysuits are made of such fineand flexible fabric that they really hug my body curve quite well. Myfriends and family have all complimented on my new essential look.Don’t be worried if you’re not that slim – the L size is big enough!

-Sabrina C

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The Best Fabric For Bodysuits

Do you know skin is your body’s largest organ? To treat your skin well, we need to think about what it is always in contact with— your clothing. To make your skin feel at ease, choosing the right fabric is very important.

How do You Wear a Bodysuit?

Putting on a bodysuit is effortless— don’t get fooled by its rather unique appearance. A good bodysuit is convenient and functional, with the easy snap closures at bottom and a stretchy material, you can put on from top to bottom or vice versa. 

How to Work Out in My Bodysuit?

You can do a million things in a bodysuit, depending on its design and material. With a light weight, quick dry and breathable material, bodysuits can be worn to work out. 

Dedicated to All Bodylovers.

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